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Indian composer AR Rahman has won two Grammy Awards at the prestigious US music ceremony in Los Angeles. Rahman received awards for best film song and best soundtrack, both compositions for the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. Rahman won two Oscars, a Bafta and a Golden Globe last year for his soundtrack to the multi award-winning… Continue reading A.R RAHMAN BAGS 2 GRAMMy AWARDS

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2 states -Chetan Bhagth book review

2 states- the story of my marriage, the fourth book from the India’s most selling author. It’s not a great story but it’s a usual story told in an unusual way. I agree that the 2 states is the best seller as I had to search a lot for it in stores. All the copies… Continue reading 2 states -Chetan Bhagth book review


Do Bad Guys always get girls??

Men are confused. We like to refer to stereotypes and work from them. Men are told that we need to be a hero and a tough guy. But then we are told we need to be in touch with our sensitive sides. Meanwhile the man down the street who treats his girlfriends like crap, never… Continue reading Do Bad Guys always get girls??