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Randamoozham – (The second Turn)

Title:     Randamoozham (Second Turn) , English Version : Bhima-The lone warrior Author: M T Vasudevan Nair(aka MT). Language: Malayalam, English (Bhima-Lone Warrior) Genre:  Mythology, Drama, Fiction Special features: Sketches which seems loosely drawn yet carefully for each Chapter. Published in : 1984 Price: 200 Pages:300 ISBN: 81-226-0731-4   “O thou story tellers, O thou citizens of Magadha.… Continue reading Randamoozham – (The second Turn)

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2 states -Chetan Bhagth book review

2 states- the story of my marriage, the fourth book from the India’s most selling author. It’s not a great story but it’s a usual story told in an unusual way. I agree that the 2 states is the best seller as I had to search a lot for it in stores. All the copies… Continue reading 2 states -Chetan Bhagth book review