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Randamoozham – (The second Turn)

Title:     Randamoozham (Second Turn) , English Version : Bhima-The lone warrior Author: M T Vasudevan Nair(aka MT). Language: Malayalam, English (Bhima-Lone Warrior) Genre:  Mythology, Drama, Fiction Special features: Sketches which seems loosely drawn yet carefully for each Chapter. Published in : 1984 Price: 200 Pages:300 ISBN: 81-226-0731-4   “O thou story tellers, O thou citizens of Magadha.… Continue reading Randamoozham – (The second Turn)



Prescript: I was supposed to write this post last day.Due to some problems I couldn't..I feel bad12 years back-- On  16,000 to 18,000 ft above sea level at −48 °C  night temperature. By giving 527 lives 1,363 injured     and more... to  capture kargil back and to hoist flag in tiger hills. And that comes to the… Continue reading Tribute…


What is beauty?? beauty= perfection=god

Prescript: After reading some blogs on beauty on indiblogger I thought to write my own views on beauty I think as the title... beauty is perfection.It varies from person to person.. Sachin's beauty is his style of batting... MJ's beauty is is his dance.. ARR's beauty is his Musical compositions... Aiswarya Rai's beauty is her… Continue reading What is beauty?? beauty= perfection=god

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2 states -Chetan Bhagth book review

2 states- the story of my marriage, the fourth book from the India’s most selling author. It’s not a great story but it’s a usual story told in an unusual way. I agree that the 2 states is the best seller as I had to search a lot for it in stores. All the copies… Continue reading 2 states -Chetan Bhagth book review