Voices in the Valley!


Books are the carriers of civilization.
The carriers of a culture,thoughts ,arts,lifestyle of an era and lot more.

The first impression/thought of the people in the so called mainland of India ,about the ‘Seven Sisters’ will be of the Chinese looking people,terrorism,attacks on army, civilians and tribes and the fight for States.

Suravi Sharma Kumar’s ‘Voices in the Valley’ is the first novel experience in from north east.
The story starts right from the Indo China war of 1962; to 2012 ,says the story of a bold girl from a conservative Brahmin family ,the protagonist, Millie, through her thoughts and ups and downs of life.
Voices in the valley takes every bit of the social,ecnomical, political issues of Assam of the last half a century.
The land of enormous water of Bhramputra, the land of minerals, resources, tourism, vegetation,tea suffers a lot because of the politics , bad governance and negligence.
The fights for land,immigration, the dirty politics for power,the transformation of student organisations to miltant organisations are portrayed much effectively in the novel.
The need of making Mainland India to respect and treat the north east as a part of India, just more than using the natural resources the land offers for all of us, is the most important feel you get after reading the book.
Survi mixed the history of Assam and drama to make her beautiful debut novel.The book will defenitely satisfy people who loves history , drama and enthusiasts who love to know the story of the least explored Assam.

Personal quote:
(My thoughts of northeast started when my Dad,who works in a paramiltary force, got transfered to the land of tea,Assam,during last years if schooling(Yes,Ibhave been to school:P).
I learned about the resources n all, but mainly ULFA and AK-47 s,and all that we heard was bad news of death and fear;
Except the tea plantations, the Chirapunji rains in geography textbooks,and the best tea powder Dad bought on the way back to us.


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