Bye Bye 2013

2012 is going to end.
2012 was not a bad year. Personally it was ok ok kind of year.
Things didn’t change that much in my life like 2011.
Movies, Books, Fun- My life was so beautiful throughout 2012.Of course I had sorrows too-a lot.
Still I learned to overcome that.
One thing which I just want to say.
Recent Delhi Gang Rape: Not a new thing. Its happening everywhere may be not brutally like this. No all these things are brutal. These things are not like t shirt size-small medium large. Everything has to be removed from earth. May the Delhi case will put an end to these.
She is really a Martyr. She died, let her death pave way for all other Women, Girls to walk freely, live freely.
Don’t just blame Government; cry and feel bad about ourselves, the society which we live.-Change

It’s very hard for a vegetarian to survive outside of his hometown. Take care of health-its wealth.
Never forget people who helped you in trouble, who consoled you at least by a word.
Forget people who don’t even care about you.
Smile; it’s the best way to hide yourself and to be happy.
Help someone who really needs it.
Don’t fell in crocodile tears/the candid words of others. Think, almost everyone needs their own profit.
Spend wisely. The greatest problem with mankind is to differentiate between luxury and necessity.
Have a great friend; Have lot of friends.
Have at least one great friend, who gives you a shoulder to cry. Be somebody’s great friend.
The day you did justice to your job; to your loved ones and yourself, that day you can sleep peacefully.
Trust God; it’s gonna help you for sure 🙂
Be yourself; it really matters;
Be bold. Boldness has magic and power in it. The greatest lesson I learned.
Don’t kill your dreams. Nurture it.
I once again missed my blog.
I will start writing it usually. #Newyearresolution

December is the most beautiful month in a year. It can take your sorrows. Dump all your sadness, bad thoughts. My December is the best to take everything. Throw it and get up for a fresh year.

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ― Brad Paisley



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