The story of a laptop- a true story

‘Uncle I lost my laptop.I think somebody breaked into my room and steal it.’

Ok,am coming..the house owner disconected Arjun’s  call.

Arjun just finished btech ,staying with a girl(Arya-said to be sister) along with friends staying nextdoors on  rented flats in same floor of the apartment.

Uncle came in 30 minutes from home.

What happened Arjun?

Uncle yesterday night I went to drop  Arya.We left home around 9:00pm.I just came back.I opened door and found laptop was missing.My datacard, documents of bike,money everything lost.
Everything was ok.The lock and the door showed no chances of breaking in.

They came and asked us downstairs.
You heard some noise yesterday?My laptop is missing.I kept it on the floor and went.While opening the door..the dress was spreded everywhere.The laptop data card and money is missing.I asked my friends but they are least bothered about that.

No we didn’t heard any noise.We were watching movie till 1:30.-we replied.

We went to upstairs..
The friends in nearby rooms were playing games in their ipads.The others didn’t came out.
We passed through the corridor and reached his room at the end.The lock and door was perfect.Somebody who has the keys would have done the theft.

Who all has the key?

Only one key is there.One was with friends,buy they lost it.

Uncle went to friends room.
Is this how you behave to your friends?Why you didn’t come out?
Who took laptop?Give it back.
Or else I will call the police.

We dont know.We didn’t.
Why are you doubting us?

Behaving rude!Where is your other friend?Surya?
He went somewhere early morning.Didn’t came back till now.

Call him now.We are going to police station.
Get ready.

Uncle one minute-Arjun said.
If we go to police station,they will file fir right?Then we won’t get passport.It affects our carrier also.So uncle.. Don’t go to police station.Settle it here.

Ok,will try.

Giving one more chance.Tell truth and give it back.I have doubt on you.Why you always behaves weird.

The other friend Surya came..

Uncle: What is this surya?What happened?Where were you?You guys come to police station or get him a new laptop.

We are ready to come to station.What about Arjun?

He says ,it will affect your future.Settle it here.

Uncle,He won’t come to police .This is all planned things between Arya and Arjun.They took laptop and went away.We had some problems last week.We won’t talk with them.They want us to go.So I think they planned this game!

The rest remains mystery.
Who do you think is the real thief?Arjun?Arya?
Or they both planned.
Is that his friends?Or Surya??

Lets make the Holmes in you work!


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