When Men Turns Women !

Have to ever heard or thought of a man turning to women?
Imagine a movie scene where the hero dresses like a heroine in sari and carrying a lamp in hand and walking so sweet;
competing with all the celestial beauties of our stories…

Welcome to a chamyavialkku in Gods own Country

Rituals are always special and different. It differs from place to place.
Kottankulangara Devi Temple is situated 13 kms away from kollam( district) of south Kerala. The temple is very famous for its unique ritual CHAMAYAVILAKKU [MAKE- UP LAMPS]. This is the only temple in Kerala which follows this tradition. This festival usually falls on March – April.
It’s an offering to the Goddess. In this day the men dress up in the female attire of their choice. Some wear Set sari,traditional Kerala Mundum veshti, salwar kameez skirt and blouse or even dance costumes. Macho men in matching bangles, accessories, kaajal, jasmine strands, waxed hands, holding lamps( and flowers is a must see thing.

Parents accompany their sons, wives their husbands and a group of friends to dress up their friends as the best female in the world. Men do this for fulfilling their wishes and expressing gratitude to the Goddess. Chamaya Vilakku is celebrated on the last two days of the festival.

The festival itself holds a lot of stories. According to old people, little boys grazing cattle, while trying to dehusk a coconut by hitting a stone, which later began to bleed. The frightened children told their parents about this. As they consulted astrologers, finally, phenomenon was attributed to the presence of Vana Durga-the goddess of forest. A temple was built. The little boys dressed as girls and held lamps to welcome the goddess.

The gents who want to dress up as females must observe certain rituals. They have begin the rituals by the end of the previous month(following some Do’s and Don’ts).During chamayavilakku nights there are certain other rituals like offering of vegetables and fruits to the Devi known as ‘Anpoli Para‘. After midnight only the procession starts. There are usually two rows in which thousands of men will line up holding the lighted lamps..The traditional temple lamp is made fitted on a long wooden rod and it is having provision for five oil wick lamp.

Everything is ready there. You will get accessories, lamps in nearby shops; professional make-up mans who can turn men to women in no time. Photographers, videographers, TV channels, journalists everything there. Only thing is you need is to take rituals correctly, pray and come. It will be a great experience and blessing if you believe.
If not come and see.

Age is not a barrier for prayers and offerings, the festival which allowed children under 15 now allows everyone to take chamayavilakku.
Are you ready to turn women??
Are you ready to turn your hubbies r bothers to women??
PS: You can find videos on youtube 


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  1. thanks,pl advise details about stay arrangement like hotel/resort/lodge very nearer to temple indetail to make easy to and fro during festival/puja as kollam will be distant and conveyance atwo daysvailable thereat locally and also from trivendrum . pl advise how earlier reach to participate there for .two days.pl advise details for booking for stay.

  2. I wish to participate in the ritual. I am a man of 28 and dressing like a women in saree is my passion. I am gifted with a feminine figure and when in saree, I do like almost look like a real women. Please tell me what are the things I need to carry to turn in to a woman. Are the dresses available on hire? the most important thing is the make up, can I get help from true beautician to make me look real?

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