Eclipse-are Gods afraid??

Witnessed another  lunar eclipse.
In west it was durin the time when sunrise and lunar eclipse happening simultaneously.In east Sunset and eclipse.
Went to temple today.
They finished all pujas before 6:00 pm.Usually it ends by 9:00 pm.The priest covered the Gods with silk clothes after the poojas.I asked why is it so?
He replied, ‘Gods are afraid of eclipse!’
If he doesn’t do that it will affect adversly on the priest and people also.
I also saw crows and other birds flying in circles together restless ,making  noises just before the start of eclipse.
During solar eclipse everything was struck,no wind noting.Like nature is afraid of eclipse.Food made before eclipse is not be used after eclipse.Even though there is no scientific proof for that.May be it is another mystery yet to be found out!Culture and eclipse are more about mysteries with science which is yet to be found out.
Still I wanna search why is it so? May be there is another great story behind it.
Will post ,if get to know why Gods the creator of world are afraid of eclipse.


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