“Karthika rathri than deepangal saakshiyayi
Vaaanile tharaknagal mizhithurannu nokkidave.
aadyamayi kandannu njan..

The slight translation of malayalam lyrics…

As the lamps of karthika night witness
While stars in the sky opens their eyes..
I saw you for the first …

The kathika nakshatram -star according to malyalam calender month of vrishchikam(November-December)is celebrating today in kerala.
Its the another festival of lights like Diwali or Diwali called as ‘Trikarthika’ or ‘Karthika Vilakku’
It usually falls on the beautiful full moon day..Its widely celebrated at south Kerala.The people celebrates the occasion by lightning the oil lamps on their houses and streets
In the past people used to make use of shells for lamps;which is replaced ‘Chiratu’ or ‘Idinjil’-made of mud or clay nowadays.
The stems of banana(Plantain)tree are used to decorate and lit the lamps.
Special food called ‘karthika puzhukku’-made of tapioca, elephant yam,coconut is prepared during the occasion.
Sweets will also accompany the traditional food.

Religious views -It is considered as birthday of Lord Subramanya(son of Lord shiva)
It is said that it is also a kind of worshiping nature.Special prayers will be held on karthika night at temples.
Tamilians celebrate Thiruvannamali Mahadeepam on the same day.

May the view of karthika lights on the beautiful moonlight brings your eyes cool n happiness.

PS:Karthika-the bithstar of my DAD,the same day.According to Malayalam calender its his birthday today.So happy.
+ I am sad also(for another reason)



PPS: pics taken by me…


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