Beautiful is beautiful

Maturity is all about loosing your innocence…thats the tagline of the movie
Malayalam movie is on the track of change.Its on the new track of cocktail,Traffic,salt n pepper,chappakurishu..indian rupee …which all started with thirakkadha by renjith..
Anoop menon and jayasoorya once again rocked.
Anoop menons script did well.Dialogues acting music everything did justice to the script.Anoop menon showed he is a good lyricsist also.Co actors performed well.Cinematography is quite good..The cast is very much like that of cocktail..
Suspense,twist are mixed well.VK prakash made a come back by Anoops script from his last flop movie three kings..Beautiful movie shows extra martial affairs,money which is found in those above mentioned films..
The story is all about a paralyzed guy and his positive attitude to life.
Visualisation is gud.Music
is good but can be improved a bit…

This movie is inspiring for differently abled(dnt use disabled) while guzzarish was a depressing one.
Life is defenitely what you make it!
yeah you only…


ps:watched at pvr cinemas


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