Dec 5-One year back

December 5th,2010-one year back-we all went for tour ,one of the last with  college mates.Its really making sad.Memories are harder sometimes.Lots of planning..Sleepless nights……
Friends who bought medicines for me.<3 .  Remembering each and everything.
I hurt them,unknowingly… Still I love them…
I love..
We all got tired in the journey.
Searching  local shops nearby.. we spoke and bargained in different languages…
The nights at high ranges..Eating whatever we get..Making fun…Teasing all… Helping others…Telling imaginary stories…Singing… Sharing…
Secret Gifts!!
Last in tears….:-(

In the chill of december we were getting closer and closer…Inseperable….

ps:there were two teddys one happy one the end both became sad, of them happiest became ocean of sadness..


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