Mysore wedding-One emotion, one thousand cultures…

December is full of love and pain..I said this on my first post of december 2011.The month is about journey and tiredness also.

I went for a kannada marriage last day at mysore.First of its kind in my life.
They are giving lots of sweets,black glass bangles,beetle leaves to all whou came for the ceremony.
They are giving a coconut wrapped in three beetle leaves , sweets , turmeric ,rice and some other things also..
The function is so lengthy.Too traditional..Last day I saw the groom and bride in party wear.The bride was like model in  photoshoot for some jewellery or textile shop…Next day what i saw was like bride and groom in traditional dress.
Poojas and lot of procedures were there.The bride and groom were brought to the place in a basket.People used to carry them in a basket to the place.
After poojas, they will put a white cloth inbetween them.One side there will be bride and other side there will be groom.Later relatives will bless them by putting rice mixed with turmeric powder by putting at their heads.Bride will do the same to groom and viceversa. They will remove the white cloth.The dressing of groom will be like white shirt and dhoti tied in traditional way..The bride was also in white instead on red which is common.They will put ‘mala'(flower chain)each other thrice.Mala is made of orange,yellow,white flowers and green tulsi leaves.They will standing in two wooden pieces.The groom wilk tie ‘tali’ the chain made of yellow thread tied with some things like turmeric..This time one leg of groom will be placed in the wooden piece in which bride stands..Then the groom will hold a coconut wrapped in beetle leaves and above that bride will hold hands,people will drop rice turmeric and pour milk into their hands..After that the game comes.In a dhoti filled with rice ..they hide a coin..The groom and bride should find the coin…The dhoti will  hold someone.After that the groom will take bride outside and shows her moon(at noon).
That comes to the end..There are many formalities before and after this.Heard the next three months they have some kind of functions..
The presence of a priest is necessary..

PS: Marriage ceremonies differs froms place to place…but still..its great…kind of devotional…its a prayer…
“One thousand cultures..
  One emotion…” 


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