Why this kolavari???

why this kolavari??

While the south n MTV sings kolavari we the gods own country is crying. Fut the Wak!!
Dam 999!! 😥
Why TN is opposing construction of new dam.
How long the Dam can survive in a place in which frequent earthquakes occur.
The senoir dam in world.115 years!
Start construction..
How can they play with life of lakhs..
Raise your voice…
Who wants kerala to sunk in Arabian sea??!
Say Get lost to whoever opposes…
With all respect to juduciary we beg..pls let us construct a new one..
I know tamil people made strike for not giving water…
Kerala is having average of 4 hartals a month and enormous number of strikes for unwanted things…
Where are those comrades..
Woke up!!
Raise your voice….
Save gods own country!!

ps: my friend send me the link while i was typing this post



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