2 hours..hamesha extra

2 hours/day..;-)
ie, 2 X 7 =14 hours..
ha ha.. I wished for the same when I was in college…
If I were in college I can attend the two hour classes everyday and clear my attendence.(am regular n never bunk classes:-P)..thereby I can save a lot of money which I gifted to doctors for medical certificates…I said I gave gifts..not bribe..not at all…
India aganist corruption…dnt bribe..;-)
Jai Anna hazare…
Jai lokpal….

5 days of classes… rest I can sleep…
This is somewhat timetable of 2extra hours of my life…

Monday sucks! Dont know why monday behaves like this to me from my childhood…Monday first hour is always maths… I cnt remember the multiplication table of two when needed..then how cum 2 extra hours of a day! If I get two hours on monday I will sleep and wait till my uniform gets I regularly washes on sundays(12:00 midnight)

Three more days for weekend.Two hours I will spend on english hours.. I dnt knw why I am so studious in english hours..Gossips are the bcoz my english teacher is gorgeous and sexy;-)romours no..who cares… am gud

Hectic…Full working hours..No free hours at all..So I will add those to lunch hours and take tea break at regular interval on every 20 minutes.Everyone needs a rest at every 20th minute of studying…Human body and mind is set like that..wot to do!Manufacturing defect..No replacement…

Physics tution!will spend time at tution centre.Not with my teachers daughter..
I had lot of doubts in physics..don’t know why..That apple changed the world.I wish if it was jackfruit

Here comes my day.A week awaited day.Dedicated to.sportz..Two hours is not enough gimme 4!!
‘daag achein hein’ until it reaches my mom;-)

For me its movie day.Watching movies,sleeping,roaming… Extra two will flew like anything..

Hame bachpan se sikha he ‘sunday is cleaning day’.Cut your nails,wash your dress,clean your bloody room..:'(
As am very obedient I will start washing only by 10:00 night and finishes by 12:00 ..’daag ache hein ‘ applicable only on fridays..If the shop keeper doesnt opens on sundays how will i get surf only hope..So sometimes ‘daag ache nahi hein..’wish sunday should come with  Pause button..

dear indiblogger gimme 4 hours exta…

ps:This post is written for indiblogger contest 2extra hours..


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