gods own country!!

:-)Pre-script: I thought of writing something personal..but nw its gonna be thoughts of others…that i observed

Last week I went to my home town.Much awaited cousins marriage.I was so happy that I can see all at home.Dad,mom,brother friends,relatives.. If you go home once in a while ,you will get special attention.You will come to know what demand you have..May be like a superstar..;-) They all will treat you special than ever…
On my way back I brought BANANA CHIPS for my friends… and it made me to write this post..

Niks , you are a mallu rt? many of my non keralite friends asks me..
yeah, I replies
Then they will start talking about kerala.. you know i love kerala..its awesome place no? I love backwaters, houseboats,churches,temples kappa and meen curry(tapioca ans fish curry) karimeen(official fish of kerala).. One girl(north indian) said she want to spend her honeymoon at god!

People who watched Gautham menon’s ‘vinnaithandi varuvaaya’, asked me ,if they come to kerala will i take them to the palce where jessy(heroine of that place)stayed! and to the church also.. I dnt knw whether to laugh or cry..
They teased me when we went for safari..I told am afraid of riding elephants.’aree,so shame you are from kerala and you are afraid’… I know the real stories of wots happening to mahouts..
They says kerala loves rash driving…
I am not the brand ambassdor of kerala tourism..
But I understood what others feel about kerala.. They know sadya, boat race ,church,sabarimala,now trivandrum also coz of treasure from sree padmanabha temple..elephants and SHAKEELA(An actress in sex movies)also…shes quite famous.. 😉


1 thought on “gods own country!!”

  1. banana chips was one thg i never forgot to take on my way bac to chennai..and oh they loved the backwaters so much…jessy was there fav and that song from police – prithvi and bhavana – and lotta water splashing over them…oh thanks for reminding me of the good old chennai days..

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