Oh khuda.. A letter 2 God-1

Oh khuda,
give me back my life please please..u knw i was true to her,
why u give her to me for the first time,
i was sad, i knw, she was alone,i knw, u gave her to was like the romance in srk films…
we were innocent…
You took our innocence away…
we were not only in dreamland,
we lived in reality yeah lived in all sense..
wen i got ill,she only took care of me..
I didn’t had any dreams nor she..only we had…
It rained only for us, moonlight was only for us, coffee was only for us,
Breeze,the twilight,the songs,movies,colours,drizzle, night,day , cold, tides,wind,dew,winter,autumn…
Everything was ours…
Everything was for us…
We heard beethoven symphony always in background..
she gave me a thousand pleasures and broke my heart into a million pieces..
B4 she came into life there was rain,there was winter but it was not the same after she left…
i never miss her,but i miss myself..
I knw i too hurt her,indirectly unknowingly…
But why GOD?
Did i do something wrong to you?
Please give her back khuda, she was d angel,godess of care..please khuda… I knw she’s sad…
Make her happy..atleast…

With love
your son


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