#sept 26

3 years before ,on a fine friday morning he was walking towards the bridge..just walking..he had no best friend..he was new to that place, bt for 1 month he was there… He’s a kind of guy who luves making friends…  On d way he saw a girl lyk angel ..

She was wearing orange top and black jeans,she had just put a bit of lipstick..

A black mobile on her hand and a bag.. She was sitting in lawn n chatng wit her friends.. In that gang of girls she was shining lyk diamond..
Someone just called d boy.. That was his friend.. Hmm The boy went to her… They just started talking.. They were so cool at talking ,lyk frnds for10years…
They walked together towards the bridge…crossed the lake…
It became afternoon.. They left..
Boy:bye c u..enjoy the day..
Girl: c u da.. Bye
They never asked their names..
Next day the boy wished to see her, he saw her at the same place,in the afternoon..

Evening he was again in search for that girl..but he culdnt find her..
So sad..she left home…
The next day  morning boy was  about to leave the place ,he just startd to home, he was thinking of her , he really want 2 talk to her…but no contact number..
Suddenly his phone beeped inside his pocket..
Unknown number..oops
He attended the cal..
Girl:hi..u got me? Is this (name)?
Boy:its me (name),u?
Girl:am (name) god. Unexpected..
Hw u got ma number?i wantd 2 talk 2 u realy..god is great…
(the cnvrstn went ön 4 les dan 5 mins)
That was the starting of a frndshp story..
Life of two best friends started there…
#sept 26  that was the day they met..


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