New life…n nostalgia…

Am in new part of life.. Its hard to change. but no way,
you never know how much stronger you are ..until the only chance you have is to be stronger..

I am no more a student.. No more in teens…
From college, am now into corporate world..
Yes in the garden city….
Have to work…
Have to live..
N have to fulfill my wishes(that’s secret)..
the sad thing is not getting time to read blogs and to put posts…
so sad..
but will do the same when i ‘ll get time…at least in weekends.. 🙂

and am a graduate now..
The 8th convocation of Amrita university was held on 27th August at Coimbatore university HQ. Attended… got degree…
Am a graduate..and moreover an employe….
I love my college, wish to go back.. but I know its life.. everything changes..
Wot i wanna say 2 my juniors is that don’t miss any single thing in college..
enjoy to the maximum… participate.. celebrate….
have fun..
coz after 3-4 years you will definitely feel u didn’t used that…
and another thing those good memories will make u happy….n sad… NOSTALGIA…


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