Movies Makes Happy,sad ,emotional

Every one has their view point to movies.. Some comes to see comedies,some to b happysomre to relax…etc..etc.
But the thing is everyone is searching their life stories in movies,they are relating themselves or their related ones in movies..
that’s fact… But not always..
If you relate that to yourselves, that becomes your favorite, either you love it to the most or you will hate it to the most…

recently 2 movies really touched me…
DeivaThirumagal and Pranayam…
Nice movie.. nice concepts.. Deivathirumagal makes you cry..
Pranayam Won’t make you cry, but makes you fell..
So as I said, i love there coz am trying to relate to my life…:)

don’t consider as a good post.. just wished to say what I want… dat’s all


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