College Days

Its almost 2 months we are out of college…
It was three years full of joy.. Happiness.. Sad..Love..Hatred..
Had great friendships..
Enjoyed each and every moment at last….
We wish college life should never end!!
We miss each and every occasion.
Every occasion we celebrated.
Onam… Holi..Birthdays…Ammas birthday..tour..Kalotsavm.. all the fests
Trips to friends houses…

Missing the mass bunking.. for movies..marriages..
The days we texted to friends during class hours..
The hostel life…
The nights we jumped out of hostel for movies..
And the tears filled last days..

Birds from single nest flew away searching food…
some for job.. some for higher studies…
we all separated physically… yes just physically..
technology always rocks.. facebook..mobiles… to stay coonected..always..:)

love all my you a lot..


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