MY LIFE, Summer of Blogging

Once upon a summer… That’s y am here..!!

I went through my old posts.. that reminds me about how I came into the blog world..
Its definitely due to summer of blogging… A blogging contest held in our campus..
2 years back. Before that I had blog on blogger..
But I didn’t post frequently..It was just to know what blog was..
The summer of blogging really inspired everyone in our college..
blogging became a trend in our college…
Discussion in Google groups..about social changes also..
Discussion about new technologies..
Got new friends(mostly geeks)..
I started reading blog…
We started thinking about society where we live…
Thanks to samskriti and vipin sir (Amrita University)…
That Summer was splendid.
Started commenting.. started blogging.. and more..
And the important thing is we all brought new people into world of blogging….
That’s y I am here..


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