What is beauty?? beauty= perfection=god

Prescript: After reading some blogs on beauty on indiblogger I thought to write my own views on beauty

I think as the title… beauty is perfection.It varies from person to person..

Sachin’s beauty is his style of batting…
MJ’s beauty is is his dance..
ARR’s beauty is his Musical compositions…
Aiswarya Rai’s beauty is her looks..
Stephen Hawkings beauty is his discoveries and findings..
James Cameron’s beauty is his scripts and movies..
Jk Rowling’s beauty is her stories…
Beauty lies in the viewer’s eyes.. if we just lo at the outfits.. may be the geniouses will find hard to get into list…

If we look so each and every person in the world has his/her own beauty..
Beauty is not just based on his/hers outfits..
We had a culture which finds beauty in each and every thing…
Now its reduced to outlooks… 😦

A lake has beauty…
but will we say that a lake or pond filled with wastes and plastics is beautiful?
no so beauty lies in perfection..
if the water was perfect ie, it was clean.. Its beauty..
Will we say a broken thing is beauty… its beauty lies when its not broken..
we can make some thing out of broken pieces and we can say its beauty..

Simply taking any stills wont make a photographer good or i9t can’t be treated as beauty..
If he does in perfection…definitely its beauty…

A honey bee taking honey has its beauty.. because its doing her job to the most perfect…

so beauty should be redefined into….perfection…

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