When we were Kids!!!

When we were Kids, we never had an iPhone or Mac book.
We had cycle, cricket bat. We played with my friends OUTSIDE not ONLINE.
My MOM did not call me on my cell phone, she just yelled my name out of the window.
We drunk water from the taps …
We hate umbrellas… enjoyed each drop of rain..
got completely wet… not under umbrellas…
We walked miles not on bikes…
We played ‘Hide & Seek’ not ‘FarmVillie’…
We never called next door friend through sms..
Never read books on how to be happy..
come home with scraped hands & knees aftr climbing walls & trees
We never styled our hairs ,but not spikes to look freak…
We celebrated each occassion,but not on tv..
We plucked flowers ,but not brought from shops…
We did fishing in small streams,but not for the dish..
We gave treats on small shops..not on CCD..
Loved to hold hands of dad..not of lover’s…
We prayed to God but not only for us…
We loved the smell of new text books…but not today’s engineering or management books..
We loved to play in mud….won’t change the way..
We loved the smell of first rain that falls on ground..

and now we all changed a lot…
but still some keep all these in their minds..
this for all who loves these…

PS:Inspired by post onചുമ്മാ-ഇരിപ്പ്-T-V-S-घाली-बैठा-है/185551991503549

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