Coffee-monsoon madness…

It was raining outside. The monsoon is half the way..The smell of the coffee spreads in the air. She loves to have coffee when it rains. It’s her favorite to watch rain and having coffee. She was lying on his shoulders ,  having coffee and watching rain outside ,sitting near the window pane.... She was… Continue reading Coffee-monsoon madness…



Prescript: I was supposed to write this post last day.Due to some problems I couldn't..I feel bad12 years back-- On  16,000 to 18,000 ft above sea level at −48 °C  night temperature. By giving 527 lives 1,363 injured     and more... to  capture kargil back and to hoist flag in tiger hills. And that comes to the… Continue reading Tribute…


College Days

Its almost 2 months we are out of college... It was three years full of joy.. Happiness.. Sad..Love..Hatred.. Had great friendships.. Enjoyed each and every moment at last.... We wish college life should never end!! We miss each and every occasion. Every occasion we celebrated. Onam... Holi..Birthdays...Ammas birthday..tour..Kalotsavm.. all the fests Trips to friends houses...… Continue reading College Days

MY LIFE, Summer of Blogging

Once upon a summer… That’s y am here..!!

I went through my old posts.. that reminds me about how I came into the blog world.. Its definitely due to summer of blogging... A blogging contest held in our campus.. 2 years back. Before that I had blog on blogger.. But I didn't post frequently..It was just to know what blog was.. The summer… Continue reading Once upon a summer… That’s y am here..!!


What is beauty?? beauty= perfection=god

Prescript: After reading some blogs on beauty on indiblogger I thought to write my own views on beauty I think as the title... beauty is perfection.It varies from person to person.. Sachin's beauty is his style of batting... MJ's beauty is is his dance.. ARR's beauty is his Musical compositions... Aiswarya Rai's beauty is her… Continue reading What is beauty?? beauty= perfection=god