We misss you…

Another Academic year is over.Exams also..Next final year students…Em seniors!!!
But Still feeling something missing.I saw many seniors in the college running here and there for their final year projects to get signed ,to get permissions to vacate hostels, to make all the official things…Saw some freshers also coming to buy application forms.
Two weeks before we bid farewell for our most loving seniors.Many cried and we didn’t expect that..(i came to know that they were crying, only last day when they told)….We rally miss them…vivek chettan,MOugly chechi(Roshni),archana,aishwarya,kiran, dinil ,bithin, anand sami. kidav deepak and many more….
Even though they are busy i find tears in their eyes…
Many for job, to higher studies…etc…Those guys helped us a lot.One senior girl said, “They wish to go outside when the came in, but now they don’t want to leave”.
We miss the days wit them, the ACM ICPC amritapuri site, Sparkz(Tech fest),Kalotsavam,Bday celebrations and many more…Missing Friends is one of the greatest pains..We salute at their friendship and unity…!
wishing all ma loving seniors a bright future…and hope we will be in touch always…!

We only part to meet again..


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