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2 states -Chetan Bhagth book review

2 states- the story of my marriage, the fourth book from the India’s most selling author. It’s not a great story but it’s a usual story told in an unusual way. I agree that the 2 states is the best seller as I had to search a lot for it in stores. All the copies were sold out; everybody says come next week…After a long search I got one, the last copy in that showroom. The story is almost same as the story of Chethan Bhagath. He’s a North Indian married to a South Indian girl.

The prologue and epilogues in Chethan Bhagat’s book are so nice to read. But in this book it’s a bit different. The prologue is like he’s saying his story to Dr.Neetha Iyer, a psychiatrist, who you will know when you reach 75% of the story…

The story starts in the mess line of IIMA, India’s most prestigious business school. Krish Malhorta and Annanya Swaminathan, simply krish and Annanya, are the hero and heroine of the story. Like in the FPS Chetan also says about the quality of mess food in hostels of India. The story goes on, Annaya and Krish made love, wants to get married. Krish is a Punjabi boy who lives in Delhi and Anannya, a Tamil Brahmin lives in Chennai. As usual their customs and cultures differs, they find it hard to get married. Their struggles and efforts to get married is the rest of the story.

In this Chetan never forgot to use the F-word which is very common in his book, but a bit less than other books .He also makes nice romantic situations, resembles boll wood films. The 2 states will inspire all the lovers who make love (or wants to) with people from other communities. We all are Indians more than being a Tamilian or a Punjabi or a Kashmiri.

2 states, cheaper in price but good in quality. This 95.Rs book can easily be sold at 150 as his earlier books were the best sellers. But Chetan wants as type of people should read his book. He may not be the great or the best English writers in India, but he as his wish he can be the loveliest writer in India. He will reach that soon…that’s sure…

Some important things about the 2 states are:

1. Chethan presented the book in a very funny way, it never makes you bored.
2. He says about the cultural differences of India.
3. He says about the food tastes of the people of India, especially North and the South.
4. How difficult a guy who doesn’t know the regional language of that place can be cheated and the difficulties to survive.
5. How sudden changes in lifestyle make man uncomfortable.
6. How hard it is to keep relationships.
7. How to convince both the families.
8. How the corporate job sucks you.
9. The attitude of the North Indians towards the South Indians.
10. The dowry system
11. The parents addicted to dowry than a good life partner.
12. The father mother child relationships.
13. How to convince others.
14. How misunderstandings make things serious.
15. The hostel life.
16. How forgiveness helps us.

Waiting for another great book from Chethan…


6 thoughts on “2 states -Chetan Bhagth book review”

  1. I have not yet read the book, but definitely would love to do so… Liked FPS considerably.


  2. Agree with you…loved this book so much that I finished it right through the night…non stop… 🙂
    Waise have you noticed…?? That Chetan has covered numbers 1 to 5 except 4 in the titles of his four books so far….makes me wonder, if his next book will be titled “Four seasons” or going by his genre of his writing maybe “four-play” 😉

  3. You are right… This book is really good… I’m a big fan of Chetan Bhagat and now waiting for his 5th book 🙂

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