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The month of Snows and Candles…

With the cold of snows…with the jingling bells, with the sweet musics…in candle lights and the shining of the stars…. once again the Xmas is coming …

Lets welcome the festival of joy…Last day when I was walking through the way to my hostel(just less than .5 km from where I went for shopping) I saw at least 5 carol groups.The joy of Xmas has been changed. it had changed a lot from my childhood.At child hood the Xmas vacation was the celebration of 10 days.4 of the carol groups i saw were children.The Santa’s dressings didn’t changed the same red dress… white socks and the same.Its more fun to the children.From the jingle bells song to the pop musics, the choreography remains same for the Santa.I didn’t find more elder people there.May the all will be busy with their own life.Doesn’t the festivals brings happiness???Doesn’t it makes people united?The people gave money to the carol groups.They didn’t came to me nor I didn’t gave it to them.I was thinking of my Xmas days on the way.The best Xmas that I had ever in my life was two years ago,when I was doing my 12th.WE had a camp in our school during the Xmas days.There was a church in the same school compound.I did my 11th and 12th in a Xian missionary school.The carols at night, all the fun we had there was simply awesome, its unforgettable.
Now it changed a bit.Did the celebrations changed or was it I changed?? Most probably me…But Christmas makes us happy…all celebrations makes us happy.The time to enjoy…
May u receive nice gifts…
So have fun… wish all a merry Xmas


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