Pandalam Palace and a great day!

It was on the last Saturday that I (not only me my friends too) went to Patamthitta, pandalam exactly .It was a visit to my friends home. What’s specialty of visiting a friend’s house??

What’s there to blog on this ??!  I divided the day into two, one a holy historical thing and second my food day and interesting thing

That’s why I write this blog.

We reached there by 9.00 in the morning.It was  for the first time to be in that place. We decided to do to historical Pandalam Valiyakoikkal  ayyappa temple and the Pandalam palace.We decided to walk. It was just less than 1.5 kms from Pandalam.Almost   20 mins walk. There was another way to reach the temple. There was  a way to go to some other temples near by ,a linkage between those two temples.We reached the temple.We first saw a small temple  near a banyan tree which is known as “manikandanaalthara”-the place which is believed that lord ayyappa came in tiger up to this place.Then there was the way left to it. the way to the temple. There was a river ( ‘Achankovilar’ ),washed legs and went inside temple…It was a small temple with only 2 idols.Ayyappa and Ganesha. The temple was almost crowded with sabarimala pilgrims. We bought Prasad (the aravana) from there. Next went to see the Thiruvabharanam (The HOLY JEWLS of Lord Ayyappa) which was just near the temple.These will be put on ayyapas idol at sabarimala on the eve of “makaravilakku(Makar sankranti)”.These  jewels will be be carried to the sabarimala temple as procession. Feels something  divine there. It was my long wish to see those things. There were 3 holy boxes, one the holy Jewel box, a flag box , an abhisheka box and a palanquin also. People offer donations there. There was a room which shows the jewels. There was tight security as the jewels were made of precious stones and pure gold.The jewels were shining and the room was almost yellowish in color. It’s difficult to distinguish what jewels were there. It will be clear when it is in an idol. Went to palace there where ayyappa spend his childhood. They are not allowing the visitors to see all the room. It may be damaged, that’s why they are not allowing. We saw just saw few rooms. There was an old lady who belongs to the family was there. She is giving blessings to all. We saw an old umbrella made of palm leaves, an old fashioned chair. I do love visiting historical places.

Then we bought some accessories (wearable) and went out from there. That’s all with the historical and temple thing…

Next  the interesting thing…. The time was almost 10.15am. Next we moved to a friend’s house which is 45 minutes fro there. We hired an auto.

We had breakfast from there…It tastes great coz we were fed up with the hostel mess food. Spend some time there…and again went to another friends house.We had to walk half an hour from the place where stepped out of the bus. We reached his home and went to his home. Met his mom, dad and brother I know him earlier (he’s our senior now).The achankovilar was flowing behind his house (5 minutes walk).On the way some the natives stopped us. They thought we were going to dive in the river. The people were in fear because last day one boy died there. He fell in the pit formed due to the sand mining in the river.

We all know sand mining causes severe environmental problems. It defaces the beauty of the river…
oops… Deviating!! K….. Back to story….

We met two cute Childrens there. Kannan and Nanada(an ukg student).Had nice time with them…We came back to home…had a delicious non-veg lunch, ice creams, juices…I copied some tailors songs movies from there. His house is really a showroom for English movies and games! We left his home by 5:00pm.He doped us  at pandalam. From there we got bus…and back to hostel….

pandalam palace
the chair at pandalam
the holy jewelboxes


4 thoughts on “Pandalam Palace and a great day!

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  1. Couldn’t you type a single sentence without any spelling mistake>>>>??

    To the other reader’s…..It’s to my home they came….Half of the names he used are not like that………….May be its bcoz he’s not familiar with my place,,.,.

    Anyway,,,Gud Work

    1. ya…. dat i know but am not familiar with that names…..i think the name of the temple was a bit wrong!!! i’ll correct it. So do comment to my blogs.. tanku for commenting !!!!

  2. Could you please ask your pandalam friend —will they keep the thiruvabharanam for darshanam in october.I’m planning to go to sabarimala in october.hope to hear from you soon.Kind Regards

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