Janmashtami 09

Its more than one week after janmashtami am writing this blog..We in kerala celebrated janmashtami on sep 11th…where the north indians celebrated this almost one month ago…This year it was really nice that i wa sat home.. celebrated with my friends amd all…I too had some family functionson the same day.. It was realy  busy days.. we slept for only 1 hour  maximun on the day before janmashtami as we were busy with the decorations and all.. we celebrated it as the part of balagokulam….a  was procession was there..small kids with the dressings of krishna and radha. It was nice to see that…..
Last year i celebrated the janmashtami in the ashram(MAM), amritapuri… my classmates was there….and this year i had to go to home…as we decided to conduct it colourfully……
festivals always brings happiness….

This month we are having another celebrations.. a great event…the birthday celebrations of Amma(Mata Amritandamayi Devi). in our campus…as amritapuri campus is hosting the great event this year also….
Time is so busy…. our end sem starts on nov 12th, second internals on oct 12th, the ACM ICPC Asia Level contest…the same thing is also hosted by amritapuri campus itself… Our department tech fest….exams….. so days  are getting busy…
see you…..


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