MY I – DAY 2009

As the nation celebretes its 63rd birthday we students and the seva association of our campus, sanjeevani planned to do sonething for india.We cleaned a Mini8 Civil station in karunagapally, kollam dist,kerala. It was a good experience in my life. WE all know what’s the condition of a govt. office. Full of dust, may be snakes will be there in their store room….
I feel really proud that we did a great thing for our country, although its a small work.I think we did the same in last year, a small difference is that it was a govt hospita.A t that only a few came. But now manycame, those who were not present in the last i remember the song “Tumchalo toh hindusthan chale…..”.If we do it automaticaly others will do it….
Am sure… so lets hope others will do then same thing…
jai hind!!!!!!


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