Public Nuicense

This is what actually happened to me before one week before.AS i was going to my home from college for weekend holidays.. WE three (jithu, hqri. amd myself) got the very last seat of the bus.
Two people (age about 40) were sitting in the next seat to us.They were talking as louder as they can.Even the driver could hear what they are saying… They were talking in hindi.. None of us cant either sleep or do some thing that time.. Their mobile was of more sound than their speech.. It was really a uncomfortable journey…. MAny of us has faced the same thing atleast once in life… WE dont care about what others feel….This a public nuisenc .. I remember an incident happened in my first semester, as we threee are going home and i asked jithu tomplay a song and to increase its voulme, but he refused and told it may cause disturbance to others… I want to appreciate for his …..So it would be better if we care others, i mean not to hurt others…..


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