Meaning of Nikhil!

Gender: Boy
Origin: Sanskrit
Meaning: Entire; all(whole)
Pronunciation: ( nik hil)
Form of: Itself (Nikhil)
Rating: High

Miscellaneous Info for Nikhil
Categories:Hindu Names
Used in:English speaking countries,INDIA

Nikhil is a very rare male first name and a very rare surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census).
Nikhil is of Hindi origin and means “complete,” “universal,” or “all.” The name it would most likely mean “complete man.” (wiki answers).
What is the meaning of the word Nikhil & in what language?
Nikhil is a Hindi and Sanskrit word that means “complete” or “universal”. Sanskrit fragmentation of the word yields: Ni (without) + Kh (sky or boundary) + L (agreed or liked). It also has connotations with the colour blue, possibly because of the word “sky” being one of its roots. It is a commonly used name for males among Hindus.(yahoo answers)
IF more answere pls…send me or post it as comment!!!!

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