AMRITA, tech

Sanjeevanam 09

I had attended a 3 day camp in our college conducted by Amrita Sanjeevani…. It was first of its kind in my campus….and for the scond time in my life..the first one was a 10 days camp.From 3rd july to 5th july 2009.I thought it will be boring and i think i felt so worried because none of my classmates was there in the camp.First day was ok…But 2nd and 3rd day we really rocked!!!!!
it wasnt a gud start , because our senior passed away unfortunately…
We woke up at 4:00 in the morning, for the first time in my life…we went for archana(dont mis understand..its a kind of puja or worship)…we chant lalitasahasranama, the manthras of godess lekshmi..It is belived that chanting of lalitashasranama will make us more energetic, more welthier,and so on… We went back to my room,E-block in ashram.We noticed one our roommate a guy from mEchanical, VISHAk was suffering from fever…we gave him medicine and advised to take rest…We went to mess, had our breakfast.. as usual dosa(on friday)..We went to college…I thougt I’ll be the first.. but when i reached the e-learning room(where the inaguration is going to happen.) i found a lot of ssndals.. as like a supermarket….We entered into it.. Waited for the Chief guest.. Swami… He came with in a five minutes, with backgroundscore lokasamastha… wow a great monment…
(pls wait the rest will be uploaded soon)


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