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3D Bowser………..

hey friends
bored of 2D browsers???
Want 3D??? Don’t worry……. Here is it… A new 3D browser… Just Check it out…

Spacetime…ITS 100% free.Its just 7.8mb.It will take less than only 5 mins to download..To down lpad PLS go to or click here to download

Minimum PC Configuration:

Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP or Vista
System Memory (RAM): 512MB
Graphics Adapter: 128MB plus 3D Capable
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or AMD 2400xp+
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Color: 32-Bit True Color
Network Speed: 768 Kbits/sec

There are two main features of SpaceTime:

(1) 3D Search (2) 3D Tabbed Browsing


To use 3D Search, you simply choose what you would like to search from the drop-down menu in the toolbar of the application and type in your search term. SpaceTime then displays the output for your search results in what we call 3D Visual Stacks where all of your search results are displayed in an elegant 3D arrangement in a column.


Once you have a 3D Visual Stack in front of you, you have several options which are presented to you to move around. They are:

(1) next – advance forward to the next item in the visual stack

(2) previous – go back to the previous item in the visual stack

(3) next 10 – add the next 10 items to the current visual stack

(4) previous 10 – go back 10 pages at a time in the visual stack

(5) Scroll Wheel – You may also use the scrool wheel of your mouse as an alternative to the “next” and “previous” buttons.

(6) Fly around with Keyboard – You can also fly around in SpaceTime (which is really thrilling) and assume any viewpoint you can think of. To Fly, use the up, down, left and right keys. In addition, you can change the style of your up, down, left and right key navigation by choosing the right-click menu > movements > to walk, slide, examine and pan style movements. This is really one of the greatest features of SpaceTime as you have total freedom to move about your space.


If you have ever used a browser that features tabbed browsing, you know that each time you create a new tab, the new page replaces the previous page and the browser creates a tab to keep track of the new page.

Clicking these tabs allows you to shuffle among the pages in your browser.

SpaceTime allows end users to enter in URLs in the address line at the top of the application. Once you press Enter, SpaceTime creates this web page in your 3D Space. You can enter in as many URLs in the address line as you choose. Each time you enter a new URL, SpaceTime creates a new page behind the previous page that make up a 3D Visual Stack.

In addition, for each URL you enter in the address line, SpaceTime catalogues this by creating an icon on the Timeline which is located at the bottom of the application. Once you have several web pages within SpaceTime, you can shuffle between these pages by clicking the icons on the Timeline. Because SpaceTime displays you web pages in 3D, you may find yourself wanting to Go into 2D in order interact with one of the pages. To do this, you simply double-click anywhere on the web page. Once in 2D you can use this web page just as you would in your regular browser. When you’re finished, you can Go back into 3D to continue using 3D Tabbed Browsing by clicking the red icon in the upper right of the application called “Go Back”

As an overview, you can:

(1) Create Web Page – Enter in a URL in the address line

(2) Shuffle Pages – Click the icons on the Timeline

(3) Go Into 2D – Double-click a web page

(4) Go back into 3D – Click the red “Go Back” button in the upper right hand corner of the application.


SpaceTime keeps track of everything you do by cataloging it on the Timeline located at the bottom of the program.

When you conduct searches, SpaceTime creates one icon for this new search on the Timeline . Clicking among the icons on the Timeline will allow you to shuffle between your searches.

In addition, when you create new web pages using 3D Tabbed Browsiing, SpaceTime also creates one new icon for each newly created web page and adds this to the Timeline as well.


Most of the functionality in SpaceTime is visible to you as you mouse-over the icons on the screen. For example, if you mouse over the small triangle in the upper left hand corner of the screen you will see a thought bubble that says Open History. By clicking this triangle, it will open the History which reveales three tabs representing three categories (web pages, searches, and pictures). All of the searches you create in SpaceTime are indexed in the Searches Tab. All of your web pages you create using 3D Tabbed Browsing are indexed under the Web Pages Tab. Similarly, all of your pictures are indexed in the Pictures Tab. Of course, SpaceTime offers a novel way to visualize all of your information at once using 3D Visual Stacks where you can shuffle among your 3D Visual Stacks by clicking the icons on the Timeline. The History, on the other hand, gives you pin-point access to any item in your 3D scene accessible by category. You can close the History by clicking the same triangle icon you used to open the History.

Right Click Menu

If you are in SpaceTime, in 3D (not in 2D mode) and you click the right button on your mouse, you’ll a bunch of commands available to you. One of the menu items on the right-click menu is options which features a list of very useful commands. Let’s go over them.

Delete Item – Let’s you delete a single item that your mouse’s cursor is positioned at. Simply mouse over the item you would like to delete, right-click, choose options and delete item.

Delete Stack – This is similar to delete item, but instead of deleting one image or one web page, delete stack allow you to delete an entire 3D Visual Stack. In addition, if you mouse-over the active icon on the timeline, you’ll see a small “x box” in the upper right hand corner of the timeline icon which clicking allows you to accomplish the same Delete Stack command.

Reset Scene – Resets your entire 3D Scene and frees up all you memory. It is equivalent to running the program for the first time.

Refresh Item – Reloads a web page

Save Item As – Saves either your (1) image or (2) web page to your computer’s local file system. This is very usefull for 3D Image searches where you are able to save the images that you find right from within SpaceTime

3D Desktop

One of SpaceTime’s most fascinating features is the ability to use your unlimitted 3D Space presented to you as beautiful blue skys as a floating 3D desktop. In other words, you can drag or move any item you would like to any position you choose.

Ctrl-Click-Drag – Just choose an image or web page, press the Ctrl key and then click-drag the item you would like to reposition along the X and y axis (up down, left right).

Ctrl-Shift-Click Drag – Just choose an image or web page, press the Ctrl-Shift key and then click drag the item you would like to reposition along the +z and -Z axis (into the background or into the foreground).

Please note that to reposition web pages, you must Ctrl-Click the Menu bar of the 3D web page to initiate teh Ctrl-Click-Drag.


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