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MADAM SIR :-Kiran Bedi

MADAM SIR :-Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi was the first woman police officer of the Indian Police Service. Spectators at the 1973 Republic Day Parade were amazed to see a lady at the head of the Police Contingent. The then Prime Minister, Mrs. lndira Gandhi was so impressed that she invited Kiran for breakfast with her the very next day.
Kiran Bedi was born on June 9, 1949,amritsar Punjab india.she was the second of the four daughters. Her father Prakash Lal Peshawaria, a landlord in Punjab was determined to educate his four daughters at a time when women were largely limited to doing household tasks.
While studying at the Sacred Heart Convent, Kiran joined the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and took up tennis, a game which her father used to play.
After school she went on to study Political Science at the Government College for Women, Amritsar. She loved the subject as she felt it taught her about her role as a citizen of the country. Kiran excelled at sports particularly tennis. She won the inter-University women’s team title and bagged the national title as well as the Asian title in tennis. Bedi says the game taught her the value of hard work, the importance of staying fit and built in her the qualities of fair play, team work, concentration, and the ability to give in that extra bit under stress.
Kiran fell in love with Brij Bedi a fellow student and married him in 1972. This was also the year when Kiran was selected for the Indian Police Service (IPS).[/source]


Kiran Bedi’s first serious relationship did not work for long. The basic reasons was that she was strongly career oriented, while he wanted her career to be secondary to his. The second issue was that he wanted a traditional marriage that included a dowry. The brave heart lady was not willing to be domesticated, so she decided to end the relationship. She then met Brij Bedi at the Amritsar tennis courts who shared same interests, beliefs and goals. He was nine years elder to her. They married in 1972 in the most unique marriage ceremony of the yesteryears. Neither of them believed in religious ceremonies, or an expensive marriage ritual. Therefore they went to the Shiva temple and prayed, going around the temple seven times. Then they organized a joint reception paid from their combined earnings.Three years later, in 1975, they had daughter Saina. Among her other three siblings, Shashi is settled in Canada, Reeta is a Tennis player and writer, and Anu is also Tennis player.

She began her career as a Lecturer in Political Science (1970-72) at Khalsa College for Women, Amritsar, India. In July 1972, she joined the Indian Police Service. On her web site, she states that she joined the police service “because of my urge to be outstanding”.
She served in a number of tough assignments ranging from Traffic Commissoner of New Delhi, Deputy Inspector General of Police in insurgency prone Mizoram, Advisor to the Lieutanent Governor of Chandigarh, Director General of Narcotics Control Bureau and also on a United Nations deputation, where she became the Civilian Police Advisor in the United Nations peacekeeping department and for which she was awarded with the UN medal.She is popularly referred to as Crane Bedi for towing the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi‘s car for a parking violation (the PM was on tour of United States then)[
Kiran Bedi influenced several decisions of the Indian Police Service, particularly in the areas of control over narcotics, traffic management, and VIP security. During her stint as the Inspector General of Prisons, Tihar Jail (Delhi) (1993-1995), she instituted a number of reforms in the management the prison, and initiated a number of measures such as detoxification programs, yoga, vipassana meditation, redressing of complaints by prisoners and literacy programs. For this she not only won the 1994 Ramon Magsaysay Award, but was also awarded the ‘Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship’, to write about the work done at Tihar Jail.
Important events in her career
*She was last appointed as Director General of India’s Bureau of Police Research and Development.
*In May 2005, she was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Law In recognition of her “humanitarian approach to prison reforms and policing”
*On 27 November 2007, she had expressed her wish to take Voluntary Retirement from job to take up new challenges in life. On 25 December 2007, Government of India decided to relieve Bedi, who was holding the post of the director general of Bureau of Police Research and Development, from her duties immediately.
*She has worked with the United Nations as the Police Advisor to the Secretary General, in the Department of Peace Keeping Operations. She has represented India at the United Nations, and in International forums on crime prevention, drug abuse, police and prison reforms and women’s issues.
Career Highlights
* In 1977, she put an end to the Akali-Nirankari Sikh riots at India Gate.
* 1979, as DCP (West Delhi), she broke up a 200-year-old illicit liquor trade.
* In 1981 as DCP (Traffic) she controlled traffic during the 1982 Asian Games efficiently. She didn’t hesitate to tow away cars and once even challaned the Prime Minister’s car for wrong parking near a car repair shop.
* In 1985, as DCP (headquarters) she ordered 1600 pending promotions to be made in a single day. Standing instructions were issued that if any file was not cleared within three days the person concerned would be called personally to explain the delay.* In 1993, as the Inspector General of Asia’s biggest jail – the Tihar jail (9100 inmates including 300 women) she turned the unlivable jail into an abode of education. Said Kiran while joining her posting at the jail, “I want to transform this jail into an Ashram within six months”. She introduced many classes and programs for the inmates including those on basic education, meditation, yoga besides functions like mushairas, kavi sammelans, dramas and games, which involved the jail inmates. For her effort to humanize the Tihar jail she was honored with the 1994 Ramon Magsaysay Award.
Achivements/ Awards

Kiran Bedi won the
*Junior National Lawn Tennis Championship in 1966T
*The Asian Lawn Tennis Championship in 1972
* All-India Interstate Women’s Lawn Tennis Championship in 1976
*All-Asian tennis champion
*Asian Ladies Title at the age of 22.
*President’s Gallantry Award (1979)
*Women of the Year Award (1980)
*Asia Region Award for Drug Prevention and Control (1991)
*Magsaysay Award (1994) for Government Service
*Mahila Shiromani Award (1995)
*Father Machismo Humanitarian Award (1995)
*Lion of the Year (1995)
*Joseph Beuys Award (1997)
*Pride of India (1999)
*Mother Teresa Memorial National Award for Social Justice (2005)
In polls conducted by the “The Week “( 2002) Kiran Bedi was voted as the most admired woman in the country, 5th most admired Indian and one of the 15 Indian Icons of 2006.

A non fiction feature film on Dr Kiran bedi’s life entitled Yes, Madam Sir has been produced by Australian film maker, Megan Doneman. This film is being screened in film festivals around the world. Its commentator is an Academy Award winner, Helen Mirren. Dr Kiran Bedi was present during its screenings in Toronto, Dubai and Adelaide, and to address the Q&A sessions at the end of each show. Every time it has been screened, it has received a standing ovation.
The documentary has made a clean sweep of the award categories—“Best Documentary” with a cash award of $100,000, the biggest prize for a documentary for any film festival in the US and the Social Justice Award with $2500.00 at Santa Barbara International Film Festival. ‘Yes Madam Sir’ got a unanimous vote from the jury
Books on Kiran Bedi
‘I Dare!’ biography of Kiran Bedi by Parmesh Dangwal.
Kiran Bedi — The Kindly Baton, by Dr Meenakshi Saksena,
“Government@net” by Sandeep Srivastava and Parminder Jeet Singh.
‘I Dare. It’s Always Possible’, which was released in 1998
Her contributions to India
She is the founder of two NGOs, Navjyoti(New Enlightenment) , set up in 1994and India Vision Foundation, which reach out to over 10,000 beneficiaries daily, in the areas of drug abuse treatment, schooling for children of prisoners, in addition to education, training, counseling, and health care to the urban and rural poor.. Her efforts have won national and international recognition, and her organizations was awarded the Serge Soitiroff Memorial Award for drug abuse prevention by the United Nations.
Dr. Bedi is an author of several books, anchors radio and television shows and is a columnist with leading newspapers and magazines. She is a sought after speaker on social, professional and leadership issues. Kiran Bedi hosted the TV show Aap Ki Kachehri Kiran Ke Saath on Star Plus.

After retirement Kiran Bedi launched a new website, , on January 3, 2007. The motto of this website is to help people whose complaints are not accepted by the local police. This project is undertaken by the non-profit, voluntary and non-government organisaton, India Vision Foundation.
and her latest initiative on police reforms ( These safer India and indiapolice made the releation between common man and police good.
How she inspired Indians??
At the time of kiran bedi’s childhood women used to do household works. They were not even getting enough education. Kiran Bedi, Ph.D, is India’s first and highest ranking (retired in 2007) woman officer who joined the Indian Police Service in 1972.her activities made her popular. She did her job more and more scincerly, she didn’t show any different attitude to the prime minister,as the law is for all,for rulers and to the common. She was the inspiration of all Indian women who came in the policeforce, administrators, and even celebrities like filmstars. Her dediction to the nation ispires not only the womens but the whole nation…


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