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One billion souls…. still one gold

It’s a great pleasure to 110 crores of Indian’s that Abhinav Bindra’s rocking performance at Beijing that gifted gold to us.


While India celebrates its best-ever performance at the Olympics ,(Beijing 2008) it’s time to think about our achievement in perspective. India bagged three at Beijing still places us among the underachievers at the Games, not at the toppers!!!

We more than one millions, but still we are in behind .Can we say the gold is for India. Its only for him, we never gave any importance train them. so I think its quite wrong to say its ours.

Why is it so??

. Its because we are not trying to brought up new talents. India has been unable to make use of the infrastructure for nurturing talent that could translate into a better record at Olympics.

We cannot blame our athletes for their poor performance .In India only cricket and bollywood are the two glamours jobs. From kg students to old people, only one game is there, cricket! we are not giving any importance to tother sports, even to our national is spending cores for cricket. They are simply avoiding other games.

Think ,2 yers back of our great hockey player, that india ever seen( even world) Dhyanchand’s the 100th bithday happened. What we did?? Does we at east conducted a tournament. Thats why India is back in sports. This is not in the case of hockey, its about all games. We have to remember the strike made by our hockey players due the ignorance of the government even after the winning of asia cup. even the film chakde india shows the clear picture of this.

The government doesn’t made any arrangements of the coming common wealth games and even for the national games. Then how can we think of olympic gold.

What Government can do??

First the government has to make enough stadium, or atlest training centers for them. Atleast one in a city.government have to make a law dat no one company can spend more than 30% money in a single game.the government should try to make sports as a career.

What we can do??

We can find talents and encourage them, providing infrastructure.


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