Summer of Blogging


It ’s a great effort taken by the director Ferdinand Dimadura to show the world that when millions of people have plenty to eat somewhere and there are millions who are there to collect the waste food thrown away by others . It was shocking when i heard that 10,000 people are dying everyday due to hunger .

In this film children eat the waste food which are wasted by us . At time of wasting the food we never think that there are someone to eat our waste. The scene which broke my heart was that ,they pray to the almighty for the food they have.

What we can do……..

We all know that we are wasting a lot of money in unnecessary things but we are not using a single paise for the poor people. If you are not able do that dont do it but you can do one thing that is you should never waste the food. For example after parties and all dont dump the food but you can give it to any charitable trust / orphanages anywhere you like where some children will eat that food happily and the prayers of those children will always there with you .

I really felt sad when seeing this movie… Its our duty to help the needy. Think of the fod that we waste daily in home and schools… Think of the food we waste at parties, marriaage functions….. In temples also (from my experience) i had seen many times that most of the authorties never give food to to the begers..Why?? They rare doing it for GOD’s grace.. Think wll they get it…. NO never……Helping hand is much better than praying hands..God like it!!! dont waste that food… it will help the neeedy..

We all should be thankful to the God for giving us a Happy Life…

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